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Hire Association Europe

Hand Arm Vibration (HAV)

Construct Equip Ltd has from January 2008 adopted the new 'Traffic Light System' for Hand Arm Vibration (HAV) levels on all vibration producing equipment.

The system recommended by the Hire Association Europe indicates the vibration risks of prolonged exposure as follows;

HAV Green Green - HAV below 5m/s2 - Maximum 8 hours per day
HAV Orange Orange - HAV between 5 and 10m/s2 - Maximum 2 hours per day
HAV Red Red - HAV over 10m/s2 - risk must be assessed before use
The times relate to Maximum daily limits which should not be exceeded.
However, the new 'Traffic Light System' should not be seen as a substitute for a company's own risk assessment

Safety Symbols

Vibration Hazard
Eye Protection
Grade 1 Goggles or Grade 2 Spectacles
depending on task
Vibration Hazard
Ear Protection
For high noise areas
Vibration Hazard
Includes cotton, PVC, Riggers
gloves & Gauntlets
Vibration Hazard
Welding Mask
Welding shield or visor must be
worn at all times
Vibration Hazard
Power breaker RCD
Residual current device offers
protection from electric shock
Vibration Hazard
Foot Protection
Toe protection to British Standard
Vibration Hazard
Dust Mask
Ask a member of staff for advice
on mask requirements
Vibration Hazard
Vibration Hazard
Where this safety symbol is shown,
it indicate that a safe working
should be obtained
Vibration Hazard
Safety Helmet
Head protection must be worn on site